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Ship's Stores is constantly working to improve our service to the units we serve
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Orders can now be paid for with all major credit cards by using the PayPal button on the right.

You must still send the order to Ship's Stores by 1st class mail or email.  To send by email, click the link below.

Do Not use Ship's Stores
phone number for payment

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Prices subject to change without notice.
1.Payments can be made using Paypal.
For the security of my customers and friends I do not take credit cards. Please do not email credit card numbers to me. Those choosing to pay via paypal, should navigate to and follow the directions to send $ to the following address.

2. Your order must be in writing.
Sorry, we can't take phone orders, because it's too easy for us to mix them up. You want it right the first time and so do we, so please put it in writing.

3. Payment must accompany the order.
Sorry, we cannot accept charge or C.O.D. orders. We will take your personal check, but it must clear the bank before we ship the merchandise.

4. The merchandise value of your order must be at least $10.00.
Do NOT count tax or shipping in this total. We lose money on smaller orders.

5. Orders will ship within 2 - 4 weeks after payment confirmation.  We are all volunteers and have many other priorties. Please plan ahead when placing orders to allow for the described lead time. Rush orders are nearly impossible to fill.

6. Emergency/Overnight Requests for Shipments.
Please plan ahead with your order, occasionally someone needs a uniform shipped Over-night.  Be prepared, shipping for overnight orders can be 50.00 and more.  Estimated payment will need to be made to paypal for such emergencies. Balance will be refunded when shipping costs have arrived.

7. All nametag orders should include a $5.50 postage charge.
Name tag orders are custom made and are normally shipped separate from other items.

8. Business.
I am a volunteer that makes every effort to help Sea Scouting with Uniforms. I work a full time job along with helping youth locally. Please make every effort to help me with your order.

9. Email orders are great.
Occasionally your email order hits outer space, never to be seen again.  If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours then I may have not received your original order. Please email or send a text with your name and information.

Thank you for all your continued support and patience throughout the last 11 years.

Jackie Guenther Watanabe


Guidelines for Sizing  Male and Female Scout Uniforms.

The necessary length of any Navy garment (jumper, coat, or trousers) is determined by the height of the individual wearer as measured in stocking feet.

It is important that all scouts be measured prior to purchasing a uniform.


The following Measurements are needed prior to purchase:

Ship number



Name of Scout or Scouter

Head Measurement





Neck Measurement



Measurements needed for Males

*Under-Arm Measurement*







Measure from the back of the neck to the wrist.

*Waist Measurement


Measurements needed for Females

*Waist Measurement



Measure from the back of the neck to the wrist.

Neck Measurement

*Bust size(Female)

*Under-Arm measurement- Measurement taken around the chest under the arms.
*Over –Arm measurement- Take measurement around the chest but INCLUDE the arms
*Waist measurement- Take measurement around the Belly Button
*Inseam measurement- Taken on the inside of the leg, from foot to crotch.
*Bust Size- Measurement taken at fullest point.
*Waist measurement-Measurement taken at fullest point.

It is the responsibility of the unit leaders to provide measurements for mail orders. Please take the time to measure scouts properly at meetings. Don't rely on today's sizing of a youth or leader.  Uniforms are military sized and DO NOT run size wise to today's sizes.  Mistakes can happen, but they are costly and time consuming.